You understand those empty spaces.
You know what belongs in those places
The connections we had still have traces,
while we walk around in solemn stasis. 

So from here to there, and from me to you
You're not alone, together we see this through. 
The loss of contact we today will rue
But outlast it all, and these connections will renew.

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What I miss is simple as such;
that plain and simple person's  _____.
What I want to ask isn't too much,
it's not near complicated as a brunch.

I may give up and lay on the rug,
so wake me up, give my arm a tug.
cause the respite I need is just a ___,
and maybe a little coffee in my mug.

It may be summer but I still feel cold.
On this distancing, I'm not fully sold.
Could I ask and be so bold,
for just a minute a hand to ____.

I went to my first cuddle party recently...

...why have I not done this before!

I wanna go again! I wanna go again!

On this day-ish about a year ago, came into existance.

Boy has my life changed in that amount of time, I went from needing a poly support group so badly that I made my own, to hardly having time for social media at all.

There'll always be ups and downs in life, but as long as you hang on for the ride it'll all be worth the effort.

Happy anniversary to my very extended poly family, you! :IH:

My family just grew by one tiny human!

My wife is amazing, my meta is awesome and will be a great dad, and my mom doesn't care about the specifics because she's finally a grandma.

Life is good

Went to SHIFT festival over the weekend. Lost a phone, but gained dozens of new friends! Polychrome had a camp there too, so happy to see poly people in the wild! 😍

Everyone's busy... guess I'll take myself out on a date. After all: that's the most important relationship I have.


That awkward moment when you aren't sure if you get paternity leave for your wife's and meta's kid...

I'm still alive! Not been around much trying to fit in my people between work and school and home building projects. Now I have a whole 2 days before my next term starts.

Also, big news, I'm going to be a step-dad/uncle! Woohoo! Is terr-cited a word? Like terrified and excited at once. If not, it should be.

It's been a busy 2019 so far, can't believe it's only March.

Sometimes being poly makes me more susceptible to getting sick, like my current cold for example.

Still worth it.

Fall may not be my favorite time of year, but I can certainly see the appeal.

That moment when you realize your fetish is teaching couples new ways to fuck...

Yep... been a weird couple of weeks...

When you have all your date night sleepovers at the beginning of the week so come Wednesday you start missing your own dogs... poly problems.

The story-oriented finance website CentSai wrote an article on the monetary costs of polyamory

I know several redditers (including myself) were the interviewees so I though I'd share.

As I stand outside enjoying the first real rain of the season, I get a text from one of my partners with a gif of someone enjoying the rain. While trying to reply, another partner texts me "It's finally raining!"

Yes. We belong here, and are just perfect for each other :IH:

Two of my partners are going to meet today at a concert we're all going to... I'm a bit more nervous than expected, but then again I always am! I'm sure it'll go fine, we all enjoy the artists playing so what's not to like? right?

*sigh* I need to chill, it'll be fine.

Good morning poly peeps! I'm going on a diet 🥗 starting next week so I need to fit in all my terrible cravings soon.

My meta is already made blackberry cobbler last night for our trivia night, and we all took seconds and then were sorry.

What are some wonderful things you've had to eat lately that were everything you wanted but immediately regretted. Come on, give me ideas, I'm ready 🍽️

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btw here's a mastodon tip (in case you didn't know):

in your profile, you have four "slots"saying under "Profile metadata". You got a "Label" and "Content."

This creates "tabs" in your profile, when people click on it, of your choice.

For example, on my profile, the first Label i s "Pronouns" with Content "He/Him" The second one is for the location. I fee this is important information on this instance for people to view, but of course, use whatever you want :)

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