You know what's cool? Custom emojis! :IH: Like this infinity heart. Figured this was a good first emoji for a poly group.

Send me more ideas and images for custom emojis. They have to be under 50kb png files.

@Padme Thanks, I made it myself. This platform let's us make our own custom ones. If you have an idea for another let me know.

Also: Welcome to our little community!

@Padme If you're on an app, you can use the emoji button on the top right (rather than the one built into your on-screen keyboard). On the regular site, the emoji selection has a "custom" area.

I think only I can make custom ones (maybe @JoshRollins too since he's a mod, but I'm not sure) so if you have a good one send it to me as a .png file under 50kb in size and what the coding for it should be (if you care, otherwise I'll just come up with something)

@Jerrik @Padme It seems like I have this ability too.

Btw, I can also batch-resize emoticons so if someone wants to send me a zip, I should be able to edit them so they work.

Image magick is awesome :-p

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The idea: A social network for Polyamorous people, their partners, and the curious.
The execution: This Mastodon site, as bare bones as it is at the moment, will allow us to communicate and work toward our goal.
The Goal: To build the community we all hoped for, without the limitations of physical or temporal distance.