Just in case you wanted to know what your Polyamory.Social Admin looks like in his native Portland.

@Jerrik Oregon? I'm going to be there in a month... visiting with my partner 🙂

It's wonderful! Except the cost of rent. And apperently it's the poly mecca of the US, so that's a huge plus :IH:

@Jerrik Nice!! Rhode Island is practically shrinking in population so rent is pretty cheap luckily :)

Small world. I considered moving to Road Island at one point a couple years ago. I was there consulting for an oceanographic cartography business and the culture reminded me a bit of Portland plopped in the north east. Even looked at a nice little house in South Kingstown.

I'm an accounting/ tax/ software consultant... aka synergy expert... aka the guy companies use to make administrative processes more efficient so they can lay people off. (The Bobs from Office Space). North America was my region but now I focus on government because I hated myself for being the person who caused layoffs. Government will never be efficient enough so I'll always have a job at least!

Yep, but at least with government it's the people's money and not corporate profits I'm protecting. What about you? I don't recall loads of industry variety in RI, what do you do?

@Jerrik I’m still in school lol trying to figure out what to do with my life

Well don't feel like you have to rush that whole "figuring it out" thing, I dropped out twice and changed careers already by age 30, then I traveled the world for a while and ended up back home. Never know where you'll go until you've been there.

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