Two of my partners are going to meet today at a concert we're all going to... I'm a bit more nervous than expected, but then again I always am! I'm sure it'll go fine, we all enjoy the artists playing so what's not to like? right?

*sigh* I need to chill, it'll be fine.

@Jerrik your nervousness reflects how important both of these people are to you, which makes it beautiful.

I'm totally invested now. Please update with how it goes!

Thank you @poly_pockets for reminding me. I'll be sure to update tomorrow if it goes well (or tonight if it didn't) 😁

@poly_pockets It did not go according to plan. Wife did not answer her phone (probably never checked it, concerts are loud like that, and she was likely distracted by her new squeeze) so we never met up... but we did accidentally run into my platonic poly friend who just started dating my partner's meta, small world! The four of us had a blast!

It ended up being an introduction of our poly-worlds to each other after all. Not the way we expected it but a happy ending anyway :IH: 🏁

@Jerrik I'm glad for your happy ending!! As an anxious person, I always get frustrated when I plan something and it doesn't go as I expect, and I have to remind myself to embrace spontaneity sometimes. It sounds like you did just that and had a great time! Thanks for the update 😊

@Jerrik @poly_pockets It really is rough when you are already anxious about something like your partners meeting and it doesn't go at all how you planned. But I would say you rolled with it and I am glad it was still an enjoyable night for you.

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