Can we start a COVID 19 support thread? I'm in NYC. The(widely accepted) rumor is that we are going full containment, Italy-style, soon. Time to start panicking yet?

I'm usually a very logical, action-oriented person but the heat is rising and the people in my network I reach out to for support are also getting to that shift, panicky place.

I know that I'll probably get it and maybe be uncomfortable for a bit, but I'm more worried about the social breakdowns that happen when a city shuts down.

With multiple partners across the city, there is a lot.running through my mind right now. Social and community events are pretty much universally cancelled, and if I'm feeling this isolated/stir crazy NOW, where the hell am I going to be in a week?


Hey friend, how are you doing? When my state said they'd be sending respirators over to NY I thought of you and figured I'd check in and make sure youre doing okay. Is there anything you need?

@Jerrik i had a very rough go. Unemployed, split from my nesting partner, moved twice. I'm surviving still in Brooklyn, and in an ok emotional place heading into a lonely winter. How are you?

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