That awkward moment when you aren't sure if you get paternity leave for your wife's and meta's kid...

To all blind Android users: The #Tusky Mastodon client has been updated to version 6.0 and brings a big step forward in usability with TalkBack. Toots in most timelines are now single entities, and they have actions for replying, boosting, accessing profiles, links and other tapable items within a toot. This means that going from toot to toot only takes one swipe now instead of 5 to sometimes more than 10 in previous versions. Happy tooting!

Good date last night, someone married and open who is deeply involved with books (always a plus!) with a healthy flair of kink.

We talked about New York and why we prefer the US over our original countries... I wonder if she realized her being there and us on a date is a huge reason for that in itself :)

And they all have pretty children
And the children go to school,
And the children go to summer camp
And then to the university
Where they are put in boxes
And they come out all the same.

And the boys go into business
And marry and raise a family
In boxes made of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same,

Back from a trip to homeland where polyamory is not a thing that exists. It was nice and all, but seeing a couple after a couple with 2 kids (as if by forumla) with similar little arguments... Meh. Glad to be back.

So why not a new short intro thing? Tell us where you from, what you do, and if you're a tea person or coffee person :p

Then if you want (another toot) about your poly a bit. Whatever you want to share of course.

So I missed a lot, looks like.
I'm Josh and I'm (still I think) a mod here. This instance's admin is @Jerrik , who's around here somewhere under the dust... Hopefully this will wake him up.

So! Enough the official blabla. Me, I'm poly with two partners for about 8 years. I used to hang out in the poly Reddit often to give support (at least I'd like to think so) and hear other people stories.

I'm excited to see new comers! Please feel free to @ me because that way I get notifications.

Oh wow. Activity. I feel like a bear waking from a winter nap. Somehow I don't get notifications when someone posts in the general chat.

Well hello! Sorry I'm late >.>

@relationship_anarchist @PolyArtKid so hey say hi or something. has been a ghost town for a bit :-/

@relationship_anarchist @PolyArtKid hmm. What's that I smell.... New comers? Here? On this rainy NYC day?

I went to a much last week and it was pretty nice. Met with a bunch of like minded folks in the kink scene. Maybe that's the path to go.

one of my partner is pretty abusive toward themselves. they have real mental issues and they go to therapy, but it does shit when they get drunk, and they do every couple of months. don't know what to do. can't really call anyone official because they are terrified of being hospitalized and they'll never trust me again. can't turn my back.

Hello folks... been a while! How's everyone? What are the weekend plans?

Mine involve relaxing today and tomorrow... work >.>

But at least it involves pizza and apparently alcohol maybe and commute is a walking distance, so.

Do you guys get notified when someone toots? I don't, I have to look back in my feed to see who said what. I assume people don't use the general channel to share

@Jerrik any chance you're good with git and maybe heard of Hugo? No chance in hell you us Emacs, right?

Hmm.. so the gist is this: you guys are awesome. Thank you for being here :hug:

People who understand and are not busy looking for their jaw after they dropped when they heard that I have more than one partner are few and precious. Maybe I need to have more patience in my life for these, and less patience for the monos.

There are many things that tie into life of poly (and kink for me) that you can't be fully who you are, you have friends for different layers... And as fun as it can be to bring a friend another layer further, it's work. It's trust. It's patience.

This Friday my co worker noticed I chuckled after he asked about my "roommates." Long story short, decided fuck it, we're talking about his sex life (there's more context to this...) so what's one more person that knows...

Day after I'm talking to a woman who's been poly and kinky for years.

The difference in what we can talk about, things we share right off the bat, the ease of talking... Got me thinking again.

Just met a new person through FL and had lovely time. I forgot how good it feels to hang out with someone who lives poly and kink. I'm tired being a mystical creature who explains I do not cheat and that I'm not a freak....

In trying to make progress on a small light book -- Dune.

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The idea: A social network for Polyamorous people, their partners, and the curious.
The execution: This Mastodon site, as bare bones as it is at the moment, will allow us to communicate and work toward our goal.
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