btw here's a mastodon tip (in case you didn't know):

in your profile, you have four "slots"saying under "Profile metadata". You got a "Label" and "Content."

This creates "tabs" in your profile, when people click on it, of your choice.

For example, on my profile, the first Label i s "Pronouns" with Content "He/Him" The second one is for the location. I fee this is important information on this instance for people to view, but of course, use whatever you want :)

@goodcj You can choose whatever you want to put in them. Mine are just suggestions :p

@JoshRollins I went with location and orientation; pronouns have never been a 'thing' for me but I may add if people find them beneficial!

@JoshRollins See, this is why I'm glad you're here. I may have set this up but I had no idea what those things were for. Remind me to buy you a beer when you come visit my timezone 🍻

@goodcj @JoshRollins Heh, I hoped someone would like that. I've also been called cuddle slut before, but Super Bi seemed to get the meaning across in a more hilarious way.

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