How's everyone doing?

Man, yesterday was brutal. Brutal I say. Usually I try to keep tabs of what I do at work on my journal, but I was unable to sit down for more than 15 minutes. Somehow I dragged myself to gym.

I feel more encouraged reaching out to folks on OKC and FL, we'll see what happens.

How's your morning? What painting/drawing/sketch did you look at last?

I'm also trying to get more people in here, so if you have any suggestions .. feel free! have a good morning all :)

Hopefully the rest of your week eases up a bit!

I've actually looked at quite a bit of art today while scrolling through social media. Been working on my own stuff too, as usual, and got an "order" from a new customer yesterday. Dayjob has been pretty calm this week. So far, so good. :)

@JoshRollins my morning... and yesterday... it’s like my boss had work withdrawal because of the holiday... and I just want to slack...

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