In trying to make progress on a small light book -- Dune.

@JoshRollins I finished a book simply titled "Ancient Egypt" and now I'm reading "Magic and Mystery in Ancient Egypt." Next on the list is "Temples of Ancient Egypt." I think there's a theme there. 😅 What've you been reading?

@JoshRollins I've read twice, in succession. It agrees with many of my beliefs, then challenges a view of them quite a lot.

And enjoying One Hundred Years of Solitude right now.

@JoshRollins bits and pieces of Tom Robbins. I'm a terrible reader these days.

@JoshRollins Reading? I don't have time for that!

Audio books and podcasts though, yeah I do those. I'm listening to an unapologetic version of North American history beginning in the 15th century and it's quite informative (as well as horrifying) and I'm just to the revolutionary war.

@Jerrik I don't have time for this book either, which is why it takes me a year and and a half....

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