Just met a new person through FL and had lovely time. I forgot how good it feels to hang out with someone who lives poly and kink. I'm tired being a mystical creature who explains I do not cheat and that I'm not a freak....

@JoshRollins this not needing to explain, is big for me.

My current therapist is the best I've had on this. And they still require me to explain/validate more than I expect mono/vanilla would need to. It's tiring.

@weft I had this issue with my first therapist. Fortunately, this is NYC, and there are plenty. I found one that is queer friendly and while not practising it, well aware of it. Previous one thought it was part of my problem (commitment issues). I stopped seeing him at once.

@JoshRollins in an environment that's quite christian and conservative - I found a gay buddhist therapist.

... who could not get beyond his frame of "the libido connects to one only".

Had this argument every second session until it wasn't fun anymore.

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