This Friday my co worker noticed I chuckled after he asked about my "roommates." Long story short, decided fuck it, we're talking about his sex life (there's more context to this...) so what's one more person that knows...

Day after I'm talking to a woman who's been poly and kinky for years.

The difference in what we can talk about, things we share right off the bat, the ease of talking... Got me thinking again.

People who understand and are not busy looking for their jaw after they dropped when they heard that I have more than one partner are few and precious. Maybe I need to have more patience in my life for these, and less patience for the monos.

There are many things that tie into life of poly (and kink for me) that you can't be fully who you are, you have friends for different layers... And as fun as it can be to bring a friend another layer further, it's work. It's trust. It's patience.

@JoshRollins it is definitely easier to spend time with friends that understand poly/kink then having to pick my words around others to avoid the conversations of explaining my life choices again.

Sometimes I just don't want to have to explain I just want someone I can relate with and maybe not feel so much like an outsider.

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