So... Been away for a while.
Dating scene in NYC for me is border line non existent. Might be too selective but I don't think so.

I changed my definition of poly to non-monogamy. I feel there are too many questions once I do meet someone poly, and identifying myself and my relationship AND what I'm looking for each time is nuts (all three can be different). Decided I'm probably leaning toward relationship anarchist. Feels like ot makes sense.


Glad you're back but sorry to hear about the dating struggle. I find more and more people are effectively poly even without identifying that way. It makes sense to me to call yourself non-monogamous (I use the ENM label online) and then seeing what develops.

Labels and stuff only really matter when trying to figure out how and when you want to screen people out. If it works for you to meet more people and screen them out on a face-to-face basis, this seems like a better strategy


@poly_pockets thanks, good to hear from folks I know here. Interesting philosophy about how to use labels... Didn't think of it this way.


Nice to have community 😊

And to add on to my previous statement, the obvious caveat is that labels matter less as long as you're never misleading people. But beyond that, we all have to figure out what feels most comfortable to us - which is, of course, easier said than done.

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