I accomplished something big tonight. Took a major step towards launching data collection for my dissertation. I immediately reached out to loved ones, friends and partners, and (probably because of the late hour) got silence in return. Poly doesn't mean not addressing neediness because it's more likely someone will be available whenever you need. It means embracing independence, celebrating yourself, building self-confidence, and bringing that powerful magic into new partnerships.

Yes this, so much this.

I'm not solo poly by chance, I just happened to find myself while I was alone for a while, and I've cherished that relationship ever since.

Also, if you need help collecting data, consider me a volunteer, I have a Master's in that now (maybe I do: waiting on thesis review for another couple weeks)

@Jerrik very cool. I am not solo poly, I have a nesting partner (husband) and sometimes have difficulty managing that balance - but it's all a part of our evolving relationship(s).

I'm surveying MH clinicians who provide a very specific type of treatment, otherwise I'd take you up on that offer in a HEARTBEAT. As they say, a good dissertation is a done dissertation.

@poly_pockets @Jerrik ok how do i make this app alert me evey time you guys post something?


@poly_pockets @Jerrik also, the other mastodon I'm on, technology.mastodon, mirrors my images. Need to do this here.

@JoshRollins @Jerrik I don't have any idea about either, unfortunately. I've played around with notification settings because for a while I was getting a sound even when my phone was on silent. But that doesn't happen anymore thankfully. I only get notified when people tag my name or favorite a post.



I noticed most other mastodons have their own apps... not something I've ever built but we may have to do just that to really get what we want. :(

@Jerrik @JoshRollins that's totally beyond me, but my concern is that we don't have a very big community here and we may lose people if there is a whole separate app. I'm all for doing whatever is going to get more people here. Maybe we would attract people if we had an app that was more user friendly?

@poly_pockets @Jerrik an app is a tall call (I think). It's a word of mouth thing... And I like you guys, there's substance to the talks. The Reddit feels too shallow sometimes

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