Met someone about 2 months ago (wow been that long...)

She has qualities I haven't seen in a long time. She's an adult, for one, not a snowflake 30 year-old child. Into BDSM (something I do) in a positive way. Smart and artistic, which is important. Physically attractive, and enthusiastic. And she likes me.

But she's on a "phase" of being open. Eventually she wants to be exclusive with someone. I don't know how much of a fact this is.I just want her to keep an open mind.

This will be bad.


Yea. That sounds complicated. Can you be comfortable enjoying the journey if it does eventually end the way you fear it will?

@poly_pockets Comfortable... No. But we all have to work outside of our comfort zones sometimes. If I stay scared I'd never see anyone at this rate.

Try enjoying the ride instead of expecting the end.

Maybe she'll change her mind, maybe she'll find someone to be monogamous with and have to say goodbye, but your anxiety about either potential outcome is irrelevant.

You made a connection, appreciate it for what it is today. :hug:

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