Honestly my last year is been going so well that I regularly feel a little guilty. Little one is growing fast, house build is finally starting, job is everything I could want it to be, relationships are best they've ever been (even have one more), and I now have a new close friends group who are very much like minded. Everything is so great that I haven't had time for social media, which is probably a good thing. How are you? How well did you survive this last year?

@Jerrik This is good to hear, especially during this whole craziness that hopefully is slowly coming to an end.

A lot of the same here. Work kept things stable for me and even easier... Remote work / job security that sort of things. Got more into tech than before that's for sure.

Relationships are good. Stable. Still looking for another person, usual challenges, usual story...

Well hey I think breaking even is a win all things considered!

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