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Labor Day Weekend!

Every weekend I review my work week. It's a very detailed log with clock-in and clock-out times of different tasks. I record myself on my cam and explain the things I did out loud, as reference for later. Then I do another video in which I discuss the more emotional and mental stuff, discuss the "big picture" etc.

Anyone else has anything like that?

I know I'm a bit.. um.. extreme with this 😅

My shift ends at 6 and now it's quiet in the office. Time for some music, maybe some YouTubes.

Hope you folks have some fun weekend plans (even if it's just relaxing).

So, we're at the stage we're we congratulate each other on good sex? Yes, I like Mastodon. 😁


So yesterday my social feed stopped showing content around the time I posted my picture from the morning, and I could watch other's pictures only in my notifications and home feed. It was a bit confusing because it was all mixed with other stuff out of context. Not sure why that was, Mastodon is still new to me too :)

Yesterday had a lovely evening playing DnD at IHOP with partner, our gifted inviting DM, and two new folks (to us, not to DnD) and it was really nice.

I'll start: my morning coffee, while looking out the window at a typical Manhattan view, thinking about stuff.


Great discussion yesterday and thanks for educating me further with OKC and dating etc.

Waiting on my coffee. It's meeting Thursday today, and I can fill five toots on how useless are there. But.

Let's do something fun today instead.

Here's a special task, if you want to take part:

Send photos of something today that makes you feel good. It doesn't have to be AMAZING, just a thing that makes you feel content, balance you out, that sort of thing. Feel free to explain why. :)

Ya. I think I'll sign off Tinder for a while. You guys are right @Jerrik @poly_pockets. It's not like anything good came out of it... Ever. Well a few cray stories maybe. But that's it. Should stick to us poly folk ^^

Good morning!

Seems like it's time to start practising some moderation.

I noticed bots and solicitation in the federated feed, and I'm working on silencing these users.

you know the slogan, if you see something say something? .Just report someone you think is actively soliciting or bots. I get these reports (of course @Jerrik does to) and I will try to act on them.

Also note that if you don't want to see posts from someone, you can always "silent" them on your own account.

I'm shamelessly copy-pasting's advice here:

"New people of Mastodon:

Welcome! I'm happy you are here! Here are some tips for accessibility

You can add a description to an image you post by clicking on the image before you hit TOOT! Type in a brief description. It helps people who use screen readers to know what the image is.

When using a hashtag:

Not good:


morning.. not too much of a restful night. some bad dreams, then it takes effort to get back to sleep once I wake up (this is not uncommon for me).

Geeking away at some stuff, glad one of my manager is out.

let's see's question is about eggs. Do you like them, how often do you eat them, how do you like to make them?

Wow so much good stuff since the morning. Glad I went out to "do the rounds" and listen to people talking about stuff here.

I love getting distracted at work , so if anyone here feels like tooting at me (makes me chuckle still) feel free.

Oh and another cool "gem" explaining mastodon thoroughly, using metaphors from Harry Potter!

Genius 👍

btw here's a mastodon tip (in case you didn't know):

in your profile, you have four "slots"saying under "Profile metadata". You got a "Label" and "Content."

This creates "tabs" in your profile, when people click on it, of your choice.

For example, on my profile, the first Label i s "Pronouns" with Content "He/Him" The second one is for the location. I fee this is important information on this instance for people to view, but of course, use whatever you want :)

Good morning.
I'm between my exercises and coffee (usually I have one set of exercises, coffee, second set -- if I'm not too lazy)..

going to be a loaded day at work today probably. Shifting my priorities according to management who likes to say things like "but this will only take 5 minutes!" Yeah. Right.

Looking forward to hear more stories.

what, it's 9pm already... meh. I need another day off. Just lay on the grass somewhere, look at the clouds.

my one partner finally cooked today (they wanted to for a while, we didn't have gas in our apartment, long story) and the three of us set together around the table and dined with glasses of wine. Days like these charge me up knowing I'm living what I'm supposed to be living. Now we are each in their own room doing our things with full stomach :)

Hmm. So I realized I didn't actually tell people about myself in here a lot until this morning? Is that a thing we should do?

I hate ice-breakers IRL and I think that's why there's a profile...

Oh, wait a minute! You get to create a profile for EACH instance your in! so in here, poly info, in my tech one, geeky stuff!

man, I'm too used to FB and Twitter when what you say about yourself is there. for everyone to see. forever.

Hey @poly_pockets... I'm just checking in to see how you feel today.

like @Jerrik said (and did) hugs go a long way... but I don't think we have the hug thing anymore..?

Seems like you can hover over an emoticon and get the code to do it (didn't know that, helpful!)

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