Really grateful for this space to vent. I only have one real life poly person to talk to. I feel very much alone some days and like there's something wrong with me for wanting something different.


At this time husband is open to the idea of swinging. He's open to sex with other people as long as we're both participating at the same time. He equates polyamory with sex more than with love, and is not open to me having one-on-one time with another romantic partner. His idea of being open doesn't appeal to me at all, because I need to feel connected to want to have sex with someone.

Trying to figure out how to meet both my needs and his. Feeling discouraged.

Had a conversation with husband last night. He's aware that I'm in love with my best friend (also male). He's ok with that fact, or at least gives every indication that he's ok with it, and he's not the kind of person who would hide his reservations. BF and I are not partnered. My feelings are not returned. That's ok. He exists as proof to me that I can love two people at once.

Hello. I'm new to Mastodon and to polyamory. I have a poly mind, but I'm in a mono marriage. We're talking about it though. Hoping to learn from experienced poly people.


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