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A friend of mine worked on this resource for poly relationships I am really excited to share it.

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I'm PolyArtKid. I'm a graphic designer, all-ages graphic novel illustrator, nerd rock bass player, and avid reader/podcast listener.

I've been married 10 years and poly for 2. I have 3 incredible partners and not enough days in the week.

I am branching out with my first art blog

Eye Contact, being grossly happy 

My partner of 1 year and I recently were on a romantic break for over a month but have just started dating again. I am feeling very happy and lucky we've reconnected. We also saw Mystery Skulls live and got to meet them! AAAAAH!

Selfie, Eye Contact 

<HappyPolyMoment>Monday was my birthday! I'm now closer to 40 than 30. I had game night with some friends and two of my partners. My other partner is away at the beach for a week with their NP and friends but we use Marco Polo to send videos to each other and I opened her gift on video for her yesterday morning. It's amazing. My life is dope and I do dope shit. I'm so happy and so very lucky. 😍 ❀️ 🎢 </HappyPolyMoment>

Offsite overnight weekend trip with my partner to Columbus went REALLY well. We saw and did so many things. Also had the pretty surreal experience of choosing an AirBNB based on how it would look as a backdrop for an erotic photoshoot.

Watched GOT finale with partner, partner's husband, brother in-law and BIL's girlfriend. Had a really fun time. Highlights include: being totally chill and feeling like part of the family. I really do have the best meta in the world. He's absolutely cool and welcoming and accepting of me being there and my partner holding my hand and cuddling up on me with him also on the couch while we watch the show. Living the dream!

Went to partner's parent's house last night for dinner with their husband, husband's brother's family, daughter, brother's family, both sets of parents, grandparents... packed house. All except grandparents knew I was Jess's partner. Was a really nice evening we were very nervous about going into. Turned out pretty great and we came away feeling very, very lucky and happy. That was pretty intense emotionally.

Camping trip threatening to be rained out. Solution: drive to where there isn't rain.

Umm... meeting partner's (and partner's husband's) parents for Easter dinner. Also siblings and grandparents. HOLY SHIT πŸ˜…

"Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about" by Jaiden Animations


Definitely taking the advantage of a private hotel room to do a photo shoot. Need more art inspiration!

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In Chicago this weekend for a band gig. One of my partners is coming with me and we're getting our own room. We're both being ridiculously happy and making fun sexy plans! πŸ’—

Lewd art. Drawings of boobs, butt and bush. 

Newest illustration from my insta. Model is Dove. Art and photography by me.

One of my favorite terms learned from my partner, being totally blissed-out. We've spent a lot of time completely blissed-out of our minds recently and it is the best.

I followed up with J & S after the concert and just reveled in the feeling of gushing about my partner to them. That's definitely a perk about that I appreciate.

A friend of mine worked on this resource for poly relationships I am really excited to share it.

Before the concert we met up with some of my old friends for a drink. This was my partner's first time meeting the couple who my wife and I started our journey with. It was really good to see them again and felt very nice introducing them to my partner. πŸ’— πŸ’— πŸ’—

Partner left their hoodie in my car after the concert. I love it. Want to use it as a pillow.

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