What I miss is simple as such;
that plain and simple person's  _____.
What I want to ask isn't too much,
it's not near complicated as a brunch.

I may give up and lay on the rug,
so wake me up, give my arm a tug.
cause the respite I need is just a ___,
and maybe a little coffee in my mug.

It may be summer but I still feel cold.
On this distancing, I'm not fully sold.
Could I ask and be so bold,
for just a minute a hand to ____.

You understand those empty spaces.
You know what belongs in those places
The connections we had still have traces,
while we walk around in solemn stasis. 

So from here to there, and from me to you
You're not alone, together we see this through. 
The loss of contact we today will rue
But outlast it all, and these connections will renew.


@Jerrik Good stuff. Please don't stop. And send shit like this to me if you can. Thank you.

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