Morning all - having a bit of a rough day today so not sure I'll be around a lot x

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btw here's a mastodon tip (in case you didn't know):

in your profile, you have four "slots"saying under "Profile metadata". You got a "Label" and "Content."

This creates "tabs" in your profile, when people click on it, of your choice.

For example, on my profile, the first Label i s "Pronouns" with Content "He/Him" The second one is for the location. I fee this is important information on this instance for people to view, but of course, use whatever you want :)

Morning everyone!
I've not been around at all over the weekend so I'll try and catch up in a bit. Back in the office now, though, so have to catch up on the stuff I get paid for first, unfortunately.

Had a good weekend. Date on Friday night with my boyfriend went okay...overshadowed a little by something that was going on with meta but that's just bad timing.

Second (3rd maybe?) date with new guy on Saturday was awesome. V. excited 'bout this relationship.

Hey! I'm not all that sure what I'm doing here but I figure it can't be that difficult...right?


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