This week in My Poly Life:

Tuesday: sex with good friend of 10+ years after many months of flirting. Honestly never thought we would actually go there. Woo!

Today: reconnect with bf after he takes space for a week because he needs to learn to understand privacy. Lessons ongoing. He's out tonight on a date with a newish interest, I think it is their 5th date. Feeling compersiony despite my own life currently being a shitshow because we're talking again and I really missed his support.


@kalliope and the poly roller coaster continues!! Congrats on the sex and the compersion 😊

@poly_pockets it sure does! And thankyou! I really don't understand how intense the feels can be sometimes, both positive and negative. Everything magnified!


I feel like I need to make 'rollercoaster' and a 'congrats on the sex' emojis in light of this conversation

@Jerrik @poly_pockets Rollercoaster i can easily envision, but what does a "congrats on the sex" emoji look like other than maybe 🍆?

@kalliope @Jerrik

Not a fan of the 🍆=sex

Not all sex involves penises or penetration 🙃😝

@poly_pockets @Jerrik not all sex involves vegetables 😜

actually eggplant when cooked has more in common with lady bits than men bits I think hahaha

@kalliope @Jerrik
I definitely never thought of it that way...

@kalliope @JoshRollins @Jerrik thank you, I feel fully and accurately represented by this particular string of fruit emoji. Let it be known that I will take offense by anything less


@JoshRollins @kalliope @poly_pockets

I need more eggplant in my life... and you all can take that in anyway you'd like to (cause I will) :BI:

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