@Mana930 www.unicorns-r-us.com is a great place to start if you have been thinking you want to date as a couple rather than separately - it outlines a lot of the newbie pitfalls.

@JoshRollins poor mental health is often linked to gut issues. Get a gut analysis (eg uBiome) and check gut diversity first step. If poor, make some key diet changes. Sounds suuuuper boring but we have the technology to begin to quantify these problems. Has helped me tremendously.

@Jerrik we did! But both hopeful for some play with others which didn't quite happen... okay not completely true I did get some spanking and flogging in with a friend, hehe... but I'm crap at flirting with new ppl!!

Went to a week long festival with bf, failed to have sexy tiems with anyone new. Or even meet any potentials. Ho hum.

@Jerrik yeah I think that is social conditioning. But that's likely to be even worse in standard couples where the guy is het and looking only for a unicorn not a dragon (I prefer the term narwhal 😊!) it's been so long since I even entertained the idea but back in the day it was what I wanted with my whole heart. I'm very cautious now though, especially with newbs. At this point I'm not sure they are willing to do the work though, they are not showing enough curiosity or self reflection...

@poly_pockets honestly, having come out of a decade of monogamy and only about 10 months of very wonderful bf, and no other relationships yet, I am not sure. Green flags would be curiosity, asking a lot of questions, honesty, openness. I have 2 of those with the couple I'm talking with. But I am getting a lot more engagement with her, and I think he's a bit codependent and relies on her for his identity (red flag). But they are super honest I think, which is refreshing!

@poly_pockets okay that is super weird. SO is used mostly by monogamous dyads to mean their "other half" ie primary partner ie MORE important /significant than just a gf/bf!

@poly_pockets complete opposite of my SP/RA bf. He started calling me "a" girlfriend (as opposed to "his" which implies ownership) really early on and it really confused me as I do tend to associate bf/gf to mean more than I think he does, even now after some time sitting with it. Yet he expresses love regularly and we communicate like primaryish partners, and ask that confuses me as well still, tbh. Language is important. Maybe we need a different word for poly bf/gf that is more specific??

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tfw you remember that literally all programmers used to be women until men realized that it was actual intellectual work and ran them out of the field so that 17 year old shitheads could make posts on reddit about how man brains are genetically wired for programming

@JoshRollins I am probably at heart more suited to polyfi/monogamish, but currently the only relationship I'm in is with a non-nesting partner, and I would like (at least one) nesting partner. If I find that then I'm very likely to stop looking, at least for a while.

Forgot about Mastodon for a... bit :p

Been busy, and in the background listening to a bunch of Multiamory podcast eps. Really helpful stuff.

Currently in early stage talks with a couple with a possible view of dating them. I've not been a unicorn in a LONG time and these guys are complete newbs so I'm not sure if I'm just wasting my time, but I'm hoping at the very least they are more informed after talking with them and don't hurt people in their experimentings...

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Mastodon is on XKCD! (And the misspelling was corrected!) xkcd.com/2045/

@JoshRollins bits and pieces of Tom Robbins. I'm a terrible reader these days.

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Before today, I knew: the reason Twitter was originally limited to 140 characters was so it could be transmitted over SMS (which was limited to 1120 bits, or 160 7-bit characters).

TIL: the reason SMS is limited to 160 7-bit characters is because Friedhelm Hillebrand, who was the chairman of the non-voice services committee within the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), found that a) the average sentence was <160 characters, and b) that matched the average postcard.

@JoshRollins @poly_pockets @Jerrik πŸ‡πŸˆπŸ‰πŸŠπŸ‹πŸŒπŸπŸŽπŸπŸπŸ‘πŸ’πŸ“πŸ₯

@poly_pockets @Jerrik not all sex involves vegetables 😜

actually eggplant when cooked has more in common with lady bits than men bits I think hahaha

@Jerrik @poly_pockets Rollercoaster i can easily envision, but what does a "congrats on the sex" emoji look like other than maybe πŸ†?

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