With multiple partners across the city, there is a lot.running through my mind right now. Social and community events are pretty much universally cancelled, and if I'm feeling this isolated/stir crazy NOW, where the hell am I going to be in a week?

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Can we start a COVID 19 support thread? I'm in NYC. The(widely accepted) rumor is that we are going full containment, Italy-style, soon. Time to start panicking yet?

I'm usually a very logical, action-oriented person but the heat is rising and the people in my network I reach out to for support are also getting to that shift, panicky place.

I know that I'll probably get it and maybe be uncomfortable for a bit, but I'm more worried about the social breakdowns that happen when a city shuts down.

Oof. This is a bad one -


It starts out alright, even though they do a poor job of acknowledging that one person in a relationship can date others independently or that solo poly exists at all. And then, out of nowhere, a couple paragraphs about how poly almost always destroys marriages, before it goes back to a generally non-offensive stuff. It really feels like some editor with feelings demanded they wedge that in. I guess I shouldn't expect much from CNN.

Hey poly people! Any relationship-related resolutions for 2020?

We all know the importance of honest and forthright communication. In 2020 I'm working to be better at knowing what I want so that I may communicate it clearly, as well as respectfully request the same from partners.

Has anyone else watched Easy on Netflix? Thoughts on the nonmonog/poly story arcs? There are a couple.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope those of us who are keeping secrets from our families or celebrated in otherwise unaccepting circumstances had a comfortable holiday...


I accomplished something big tonight. Took a major step towards launching data collection for my dissertation. I immediately reached out to loved ones, friends and partners, and (probably because of the late hour) got silence in return. Poly doesn't mean not addressing neediness because it's more likely someone will be available whenever you need. It means embracing independence, celebrating yourself, building self-confidence, and bringing that powerful magic into new partnerships.

Ok, real talk. I've been in a major funk. I'm working on my PhD and have completed all tasks except for dissertation. I am a terrible procrastinator; getting behind and then working incredibly hard to catch up is not new for me. I find myself looking for other things to pour myself into, to distract from my growing anxiety. Poly is an excellent distraction. With multiple relationships comes multiplied emotional/logistical/intellectual hurdles. But, I need to find balance. Thoughts?

A repeat of my crowd poll from last summer!

Do you view polyamory as your sexual (or romantic) orientation, as something you choose to practice, neither, or both?

I think I ask this question because it is something I'm constantly exploring for myself - what about this do I need vs. what about this do I like?

Bonus question (if you answered last summer or if you are like me and frequently try to take stock of where you are at) - how has your thinking about this evolved over time?

Hello all! I admittedly have disappeared and reappeared a few times here, but I thought I'd pop my head back in. New intro:

Brooklyn-based poly woman recently married to a very longterm partner. He and I opened up about a year and a half ago and have both had significant relationships as well as seen some end. Right now I'm regularly seeing three people with varying frequency.

And as is (was?) tradition around here: I am team coffee. I like a good, strong cold brew that I'll usually take black

I stepped away for a bit but I'm back! I had a 1st date scheduled tonight but the dude bailed. We had been chatting for a bit; he said that he and his wife were divorcing and that opening up was just a band-aid but he had other partners and was still interested in pursuing polyamory. Then today he said he had to cancel because he met someone in the last week who he felt a connection to and wanted to try monogamy. Overall I'm considering it a dodged bullet and enjoying some me-time.

Thanks for the support from this community the other week regarding my bf/gf issue. Update: my not-bf introduced me to his mom this week and reminded me that he considers me a significant person in his life even if he's not comfortable with the bf/gf terminology. He's often not so great at using his words but he consistently demonstrates through his actions that he cares about me. We'll continue to work on clearer communication.

Well. I spent a lovely evening with my other partner last night and after a few glasses of wine I asked if I could call him my boyfriend. He's monogamous 🙄 and we've been dating for 6 months. He said no. We had a nice conversation about it and other expectations, but, that's really not what I wanted to hear. For him, "girlfriend" implies all the relationship escalator things that are off the table for us. I get it, but it still makes me sad.

Crowd poll!

Do you view polyamory as your sexual (or romantic) orientation, as something you choose to practice, neither, or both?

Bored at work so I thought I might do this thing!

I'm 30 and living in Brooklyn, no kids but 2 cats. My husband and I started dating in high school, we only recently eloped but have been together without interruption for about 15 years. We are freshly open. Having little exposure to the non-monog community IRL, we decided to go from never-been-with-anyone-else monogomous to polyamory beginning in February of this year. I now realize how insane that is, but didn't at the time.

Wife of the year over here... Just got finished deep cleaning the bathroom in my apartment because, well, it really needed it but ALSO because the husband plans to bring home a ladyfriend tomorrow.

I'm having a challenging poly day. My husband is upset about a mistake I made with my other partner yesterday. I'm trying to give him the space to process and tell me what he needs but I'm also all emotionally wrapped up in the situation myself.

Not necessarily looking to process the issue right now; I know that with clear communication, love, respect, and honesty we'll get to the other side of it. It feels like a bit of a roller coaster right now, though.

Hello!! Just getting started and I'm totally new to Mastadon


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