This part:

"most of the people I spoke with agree that the City of Roses has a reputation as the most non-monogamy-friendly place in the Pacific Northwest."

It's a reminder of just how lucky I was to have coincidentally been born and raised here, even if it took 25 years to hear the word polyamory for the first time.

This article does seem more happy than most so I like it for that

@Jerrik I'm a little jealous! Do you know anyone/where you approached included in this article?

And, yes! It seems like a generally optimistic portrayal for once.

Lol nope, they mentioned all different poly groups from the few I know. I've heard of them before, but saying 30% of Portland is at least open to ENM would probably be a notable underestimate. Hell probably 30% would admit to being "at least a little bi"!

Portland=poly town, no doubt about it!

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