Ok, real talk. I've been in a major funk. I'm working on my PhD and have completed all tasks except for dissertation. I am a terrible procrastinator; getting behind and then working incredibly hard to catch up is not new for me. I find myself looking for other things to pour myself into, to distract from my growing anxiety. Poly is an excellent distraction. With multiple relationships comes multiplied emotional/logistical/intellectual hurdles. But, I need to find balance. Thoughts?

I feel ya on this one

Went on a date/hike with a geologist to avoid working on my thesis last weekend...


Yup, I find myself choosing to do lots of fun things but also getting overly entangled in not-so-fun things. With some self-reflection, it feels like I'm wallowing and focusing on some stuff in part to give myself an excuse for not working (e.g., I couldn't possibly focus on work *now*). It's frustrating, for me, my partners, and my advisors.

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