Hey poly people! Any relationship-related resolutions for 2020?

We all know the importance of honest and forthright communication. In 2020 I'm working to be better at knowing what I want so that I may communicate it clearly, as well as respectfully request the same from partners.

@poly_pockets I don't know if it's a resolution, more like something I've been working on: what is it that I want? Why is it so hard to get(probably because I don't know what I want)? Where are all the good people at...

I want to be better at expressing myself. I've picked up on photography a great deal, some writing, and largely my craving for kink again - which is a whole thing. I want people to know and approach if they have similar interests.


Good luck to you! Are you starting from a solo poly place or do you have a partner with whom you're hoping to find a third?

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