Can we start a COVID 19 support thread? I'm in NYC. The(widely accepted) rumor is that we are going full containment, Italy-style, soon. Time to start panicking yet?

I'm usually a very logical, action-oriented person but the heat is rising and the people in my network I reach out to for support are also getting to that shift, panicky place.

I know that I'll probably get it and maybe be uncomfortable for a bit, but I'm more worried about the social breakdowns that happen when a city shuts down.

With multiple partners across the city, there is a lot.running through my mind right now. Social and community events are pretty much universally cancelled, and if I'm feeling this isolated/stir crazy NOW, where the hell am I going to be in a week?

Hey friend, how are you doing? When my state said they'd be sending respirators over to NY I thought of you and figured I'd check in and make sure youre doing okay. Is there anything you need?

@Jerrik i had a very rough go. Unemployed, split from my nesting partner, moved twice. I'm surviving still in Brooklyn, and in an ok emotional place heading into a lonely winter. How are you?

@poly_pockets Look at the root. Look for someone who benefits from this new-made “crisis” ... And calling a spade a spade, you can easily understand who is behind all these biological laboratories for the production of biological weapons that breed and spread these viruses, and create pannics and fear, which are their tools for managing the peoples of the world .

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