pol, David Graeber quote, carework 

"You ask any Marxist about labor and labor-value, they always immediately go to production. Well, here’s a cup. Somebody has to make the cup, it’s true. But we make a cup once, and we wash it ten thousand times, right? That labor just disappears in most of these accounts. Most work isn’t about producing things, it’s about keeping them the same, it’s about maintaining them, taking care of them, but also taking care of people, taking care of plants and animals."


pol, David Graeber quote, carework 

When you put it that way, the naive "seize the means of production" is just capitalism without the pyramid scheme.

It still overemphasizes material value

pol, David Graeber quote, carework 

@polyphonic @elilla I understand why you’d say that, but it is my experience that “the means of production” is short for “the means of production of goods and services”

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