i've actually never had a case of plugging in some hardware into linux and having it not immediately work
even like, an old ass webcam from 2003 that no longer worked on windows because the vendor didn't provide drivers past like, windows vista

plug it in to my laptop, open cheese and boom it kinda just works


Sometimes new things aren't so smooth.

Wifi drivers in the early 2000's were always a pain to connect

Touch screen, screen auto rotate, and stylus drivers today often fail to perform. Autorotate fails, or stylus sensitivity doesn't work.

And often graphics cards take a significant performance hit. They usually manage to work for some basic definition of "work" though.

I agree on the whole though. It's often plug and go.

@polyphonic @haskal *eyes its wireless cards on both its machines, one of which works great with a proprietary driver (installing it was a pain without wireless though!) and the other technically /kinda/ works without fiddling but can't pick up signals at all*

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