kink, rope, feet, but like... geeky and academic.
And a follow up. On the palm, the rope twists on itself either way. The palm is concave, so there is no support.

Also, there's a lot of value to the way you did the palm knot that took me a few tries to see. Yours doesn't tighten under stress.

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kink, rope, feet, but like... geeky and academic. 

Inspired by , practicing a few bindings. Learning something new.

Paying attention to detail, it seems "over, under" leaves a much flatter, cleaner rope with fewer pinch points than "under, over".

I feel I just levelled up, and I'm excited to practice this more with my little kitten soon

Creeper cave. Still needs work. Might make a creeper spawner inside. Tempted to lower the entrance a few blocks so it sits in the water and you can boat right in.

Pagoda build added to my server a while back. My favorite build yet, (though it was meticulously copied from a youtube video)


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