That maybe, just MAYBE, the client really does want that new feature. And no, they really shouldn't have to <obscure workaround>.

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This video made my day. I'm glad to know it exists 🤣

To me, spirituality is awe and reverence at the world around us. Feeling small and humble ant at peace with your place in the universe.

Religion is a social construct surrounding dogmatic rules of behavior.

this is what a deep copy function is supposed to look like, right? i'm not forgetting something obvious? 

I suspected lua. Lua is pretty cool!

It can easily be confused with javascript, especially when you have to deal with them both.

Except lua is actually nice under the hood! 😅

Looking up lua specific examples, you still have corner cases If your table is cyclical or recursive. Also you haven't covered metatable copying.

But I suspect you don't require these features today.

this is what a deep copy function is supposed to look like, right? i'm not forgetting something obvious? 

Looks conceptually right, but some implementation questions:

What language is this?

Does your language have any notion of types? Looking for [table] as a string is sketchy. What if your value is the literal string [table]?

If you have an array, is the "return other" going to return a copy of the array, or a reference?



I shouldn't have glossed over your specific grievances. I also don't know your experiences and perspective. The environment you live in or the people you are surrounded by.

In my experience, conspiracy theorists are threatening in a large number of ways and the majority of people I have discussed this with see that too.

I guess all I'm trying to say is youre definitely not alone in seeing this as a real threat. And there's strength in those numbers.


Perhaps little to no explanation is needed.

After watching all these absurd conspiracies fester within the far right and culminate in calls to violence, I think many of us understand how that can be threatening.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Even I feel somewhat threatened.

The difference in how threatened one feels is likely proportional to their marginalization. It doesn't take much empathy to begin to extrapolate to women. Non-whites. The Jewish community.

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My mum has a temper.

As a kid, if she was cleaning I learned to stay away or I'd get told I'm the worst sort of slob. Why aren't I doing this. And the vacuum would get slammed violently into every nook to underscore her frustration.

Now I have a partner who __loves__ cleaning. And every time she displays her "acts of service" love language, I'm stuck feeling guilty, with my hair on end thinking I've been awful letting it get this dirty. :/

This, plus de-facto first class vendor driver support from basically every hardware manufacturer.

For me, software parity is less important than hardware parity. But I understand that's different for everyone.

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There's no such thing as too much parmesan

What would you call this?

Hmm, I'm not entirely sure why you couldn't use one deserializer to validate the results of another, but you know the requirements best.

And my way is a sketchy, lazy hack even in the best of times.

Anyway, sorry you had to write all that. I had similar deserialization issues with a polymorphic collection of classes last week that kept matching to the wrong types. Took a few tries to get right. No fun.

Oh shit. This would seriously tempt me to give up on the type system for this problem.

Use newtonsoft to cast both to jtoken (json) and use the built in jtoken.deepequals()

I'm sure a custom solution executes faster and more bullet proof, but sometimes you just cant even.

Sometimes new things aren't so smooth.

Wifi drivers in the early 2000's were always a pain to connect

Touch screen, screen auto rotate, and stylus drivers today often fail to perform. Autorotate fails, or stylus sensitivity doesn't work.

And often graphics cards take a significant performance hit. They usually manage to work for some basic definition of "work" though.

I agree on the whole though. It's often plug and go.


I've always wanted to make my own. Manufacturing a case I can do. Setting up a raspberry pi I can do. But making a rechargable battery circuit so I could go portable is a higher bar, and I don't see many good drop in options.

And the end result would be a decide larger than my laptop that could run about 10% of the work I do. It's definitely a vanity project!

kink, rope, feet, but like... geeky and academic. 


The wrist/ankle is a 'cat paw' knot.

The rest feels pretty self explanatory to me, as it was sort of created as a tutorial. But if there's something specific you want to know feel free to ask.

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This is stick-your-dick-in-a-blender levels of stupid.

My database is json printouts arranged in a manilla folder inside my desk drawer.

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