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Having access to your culture revoked because you haven't paid the corporate rent-seeker that actually had nothing to do with the creation of said cultural artifacts.

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@clerian Because I look at the bigger picture, not from the position of an individual like myself.

I see a common pattern here, first they start out with something quite open to get enough users. Many in the FS community said, I would never use Google Chrome but Chromium or other Chrome based browsers are fine because it is Free Software, etc.

Than once they have enough market share they start to closing stuff down, change their services to work only or better with their browser engine, etc

polyamory kinda - 


This is a reminder that jealousy is not a sign of weakness or defeat.

Being jealous doesn't mean you are "bad at polyamory".

Talking about jealousy is healthy.
A good partner will be receptive to that talk.

Jealousy is a surface emotion: it helps if you pinpoint the underlying issue that is causing it. Maybe it's fear of losing someone. Maybe it's as simple as an activity you felt was unique to one relationship but is now shared. Examine the why before talking.



Oh lord how often has this been me without even making the connection 😱

selfies, eye contact, boobies, light S/m, love
🤩 Cute! Sexy! Gah! 🤩



But to your point, all that nuance is lost in the cult of catch phrases and us vs them mentality


To the point that "democracy is the best", "populist leaders are terrible", and "workers owning the means of production is dirty communism" can be spoken by the same person in a single conversation without them realizing the irony of the contradictions.

In each context, the definitions and goalposts are shifted to avoid the cognitive dissonance.

Generally though, you're making a trade-off between tragedy of the commons and distribution of power. No single answer is perfect.

Do you know off the top of your head if there is any in-world explanation for why some Pokemon speak English? Meowth and some hyper intelligent pokemon like mewtwo come to mind?

I dunno, it's been a long time and childhood polyphonic did not have an existential crisis thinking about the implications of the pokemon world like current-me does.

elilla’s ditzy script for mass blocking, now with support 



This is awesome and clever and I love it.

I'm also terrified of scripts that pipe whatever magic string happens to come back over http straight into a database query string.

This is clearly risky, but you clearly can't hear me over the sound of how cool you are. 🤣
That stinks.

I wonder how hard it is to set up a "mirror" account on another instance that re-toots the stuff it follows (that one bot)

Then you can mute and follow the mirrored account.

It would have to be a hard re-toots and not a boost though (I think)

Neither aggressive not friendly in its own right, but since it's not something often heard around here, and it's clear when people aren't otherwise rocking a southern accent, it might sound sarcastic or mocking if someone is insecure enough to assume the worst. Like it's a comedy bit or a gag.

All the same I have been adopting it to replace "guys" in an effort to be more gender-conscious.

my gay seinfeld fanfic 

Not going to lie, I read it in their voices and it's exactly sienfeld-esque

Love it.



If you have evidence to the contrary I'd love to see it.

It wouldn't be entirely surprising that it happened. It _would_ be entirely surprising that nobody said so.

Until I have even a shred of evidence or even testimonials, that thought is filed under "unsubstantiated conspiracy theory" for me.

Oh absolutely.

He has slowly softened and we've interacted more over time.

This is me mixing long term thinking and short term events. Just pipe dreams today 😊

This is something I'm super hesitant to experience myself.

My partner and her husband are moving out of my partners big family home and getting an apartment across town.

Part of me wishes to join them, but I know cohabitation is a risky, messy proposition.

I also have a complicated (non) relationship with her husband bordering on "DADT" due to his boundaries, plus my own baggage around living with partners, so I'm keeping a lid on pandora's box.

It took me longer than I had hoped to find a good "doorbell.wav" and install it on my android phone to ring when someone buzzed my apartment number.

This is probably for the best. I hate wires, but I hate latency and mid-sentence keystroke drops and key spam on disconnect more.

I'm so sorry to hear this.

Breakups are hard, and despite what calloused outsiders may think poly makes breakups even harder. Especially when relationships are heavily entwined.

Is it wireless? I've had bad luck with bluetooth mechs so far. I'd be curious to know what you think in a few weeks when it's gone through a battery cycle or two.

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