Sorry I've been quiet; I have to play catch-up on my various social media accounts since I picked up some freelance work. Having a full time dayjob and a side gig means sometimes I'm working quite a bit more than a flat 40 hours/week. Love my side gig, though, it's one of my life's joys. 🎶

Good morning! Here's a little bit about me since I never properly introduced myself:
36, been in Las Vegas, NV for 20 consecutive years plus one. Married for 11 years, and our partner has been living with us for 6 years. No human kids, but two fuzzy ones: Alphonse the cat and Winry the dog. I collect hobbies; drawing (mostly furry art, which I sometimes get paid for), sewing, hula hooping/hoopdance, cooking, crochet, and various object collections like model horses, pins, and tarot decks. 😊

dog photo 

Today was a bit of a Monday, so I figured I'd end it with a photo of our lovely girl, Winry.

I do plan on writing some more stuff about myself since I haven't done an introduction toot yet. 😮

I keep forgetting that a movie called Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson is a thing that exists. I... kinda want to watch it all the way through, rather than in snippets while in the waiting area.


Going to start the week off right by going to the dentist for a cleaning before work. It's like a spa for your mouth!

furry/anthro art, dragon, magical girl, sexy 

I love fall and Halloween and I've been doing Halloween themed art for weeks already. Current project is my dragon girl Marmelle, imitating the magical girl anime genre :)

Sunday morning, tapping on my phone in bed while I wait for everyone to wake up. I'll hopefully get around to personal projects today. 😏

Hello! I can't wait for the weekend so I can have time to figure this platform out 😅


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