I'll start: my morning coffee, while looking out the window at a typical Manhattan view, thinking about stuff.

Here's the hula hoop I keep at work. My boss lets me hoop in the conference room during my lunch break. It gets me away from my desk and re-centers me with movement and music. During cooler months, I go for walks outside, but in the desert heat, hooping indoors gives me a much needed outlet. I've had this hoop for 4 or 5 years, it feels almost like an extension of my body :)


It's a lot of fun! There are a lot of resources online and tutorials on YouTube :)

@sagebrush @JoshRollins

Step one: be thin enough to fit in hula hoop.

Step two: have any semblance of body control.

Yeah I think I'll pass on this one, but I'm glad others can enjoy it! (okay, and I like watching other people enjoy it too πŸ˜‰ )


There are a lot of different sized hoops out there ;)

I've smacked myself in the face and accidentally flung hoops across rooms plenty of times, but I've become so much more graceful since starting this. I can catch things that I drop or are tossed at me! Once, a high heel broke and instead of taking a nasty spill on the slippery vinyl floor, I gracefully sank to one knee! I've slid on surprise patches of ice and not lost my balance! That's super cool for me :)

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