Happy new year all of you!

It's a small thing, and a vital thing to be able to share things with a group of people that gets what you are saying and asking for.

A companion broke up with me tonight.

She could not process the idea of me having a sexual partner that is not her.

Even though she's known me for years, and she's known me as poly for all those years.

I'm glad she made a choice that is good for her.
I'm sad that we can't have what he had.
I'm mad that I opened myself up for this hurt.
I'm afraid that this will happen again.
I'm mad at the mainly monogamous mainstream malarky.
I am tired.

Patti Smith describes such a beautiful polycule in her book "Just Kids".

And in general, a new favourite audiobook of mine. She reads it, and the authenticity works for me.

Poly things:

A "comet" is back in my orbit. She has this habit of getting into an intense dance with me, then leaving for months. This has been going on for 3 years.

Then, I'm visiting my longish-distance companion this long-weekend. Lots of walking in woods planned.

The in-town companion and I are doing salsa classes from next week.

Poly life is satisfying right now 😃

How do you have a conversation with the poly curious?

I just had a conversation with someone who has discovered the poly possibility, and wanted to know more about it.

I suggested Designer Relationships to them (goodreads.com/book/show/244029)

To me, investigating what kind of relationship works for you, seems to be more important than jumping head first into More than Two.

I was browsing metafilter as is my vice. Found metafilter.com/176154/Hit-the-

Wondered if there would be a poly instance.

And by pure synchronicity this @Jerrik person set one up. Like 4 days ago it seems.

Thank you!


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