@yohito Mono-doing-poly. Started as a triad, quickly split into a V. Currently nesting with hinge and meta, but meta is moving back out for school soon. No hierarchy.


I'm not real good at defining any of my relationships. Some are long term, others are short and energetic. Is Relationship-Chameleon a thing?

@yohito I have an SP/RA partner. How do you reconcile solo with nesting? One of his firmest boundaries is to never nest and that seems to usually be a feature of solo poly, and I wonder how you combine the two?

@kalliope well we started out monogamous and opened up after we already started living together. After we opened up we eventually agreed to be fully independent. We don’t have any rules on each other, and we have separate rooms and everything.

@yohito that's great, probably the kind of situation I would like in my life. I need extra privacy, but I would prefer to nest. I hope it continues to work for you!

Triad. Been married over 10 years, and partner's been with us for over 5 years. Living as a single household. Occasionally one of us engages in a FWB setup. Childfree, except the furry kind.

@yohito you come to polyamory.social ;-)

we just started it two days ago.

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