Good morning poly peeps! I'm going on a diet 🥗 starting next week so I need to fit in all my terrible cravings soon.

My meta is already made blackberry cobbler last night for our trivia night, and we all took seconds and then were sorry.

What are some wonderful things you've had to eat lately that were everything you wanted but immediately regretted. Come on, give me ideas, I'm ready 🍽️


@Jerrik the other night, was stoned and had a major munchies attack. Made popcorn with cheese and honey as toppings. 10 bites in and couldn’t eat anymore. 🤣

@yohito Cheese and honey at the same time? Yeah, must have been stoned 😂

@yohito @Jerrik I am all about popcorn. I have an air popper and will add sea salt, melted butter, and truffle oil 😍

Popcorn STARTS as a pretty low calorie snack, but I tend to take that as a challenge rather than a benefit.

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